Annual Review

Financial Summary

In fiscal 2017 (the fiscal year ended March 31, 2018), the Nisshin OilliO Group posted lower earnings on higher net sales. Consolidated net sales amounted to ¥337,998 million (up 4.0% year on year), while operating income was ¥9,102 million (down 11.1%) and ordinary income was ¥9,276 million (down 10.2%). Net income attributable to the parent’s shareholders was ¥6,930 million (down 8.5%).

Fiscal 2017 was the first year of OilliO Value Up 2020, our medium-term management plan launched in April 2017. The environment for the procurement of raw materials remained under pressure, as highlighted by the high prices of rapeseed, a key raw material. Looking at consolidated business results, the company posted lower earnings on higher sales. However, our initiatives to develop high value-added businesses have steadily led to results, including steady progress on the expansion of sales of high value-added products.

Under OilliO Value Up 2020, our medium-term management plan running to fiscal 2020, we have adopted a basic policy of shifting our focus more towards a growth trajectory for the future, in conjunction with carrying on the business structure reforms undertaken to date. In fiscal 2018, the plan’s second year, we forecast consolidated net sales of ¥357,000 million and record-high earnings, specifically operating income of ¥10,800 million, ordinary income of ¥11,400 million and net income attributable to the parent’s shareholders of ¥8,000 million.

To achieve those forecasts, we have adopted the following management policies for fiscal 2018:

  • Pursue globalization and a business model that adds diverse value
  • Implement measures for acquiring stable profits from the Domestic Oil and Fat Business and further streamlining

We believe that nurturing high value-added businesses is a crucial priority for these policies. In each of the Group’s business domains, we will implement measures with a view to making proactive investments.

* For details on the medium-term management plan, please see pages 2 and 3.

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